SHUT UP I AM LADY GAGA (friendships) wrote,

anime_lj_tcg TAT;;

☆ manda
☆ sky & serve
☆ level 2 (former player)
☆ count 144
☆ value 144

x3 x1 x1 x2

       trading buddies!

... )':

       current! ( sky&serve )

In addition to the decks here, I'm willing to trade for the following decks (in order of preference): Sea, Phones, Light, and First. There will be others, but those are the ones I want to concentrate on...!



current ► I will kill people for these cards. I will never trade them away. ):
future ► GOD I AM GOING TO BE COLLECTING SO MANY OF THESE. I am somewhat lenient with these cards! There are some I will trade away for a better deal, but there are others I won't let go of.
trading ► Super lenient! Even if you don't have a card I want, just link me to your post and I'll choose something from your trade pile.

trade! traded Elite17 for molesting's Gackt01.
trade! traded Martyr16 for chikky2k5's Whip17.
game! received Akasha17, Casino11, Chase06, Curse14, Kaldea19, Pins19, a bronze cert, a silver cert, & a gold cert from Eye Spy 96/97/98.
trade! traded Dunamis06, Hyou05, Job16, & Mizu11 for vriska's Land06, Left19, Mobile08, & Yukki18.
level up (2)! received ...10, Rod07, Sky08, & 2 stars.
cert exchange! traded 3 bronze certs for Sky11/12/18.
game! received Irini02 & Viceroy06 from Staff 15.
game! received Astale02, Cow07, Kyudo01, Loka18, & Ng08 from Guess Who 15.
game! received Avarice11, Death09, Elite17, Fashion12, Ganguro11, Guild02, Last19, Leafe12, Queen10, & a bronze cert from Happy Birthday 102/103/104.
trade! traded Manage10 for replica's Clever09.
trade! traded Titania03 for 00zags's Chic14.
game! received Border17, Chao13, Crop12, Haze13, Job16, Nation19, OCD04, Rash12, Split18, & a bronze cert from Guess the Character 95/96/97.
game! received Ants03, Hanyou10, & Hyou05 from Guess the Character 99.
game! received Dissect14, Duck10, Sheng08, Web16, & a bronze cert from Eye Spy 100.
trade! traded Camelot20 for tsukiko_chan_00's Dunamis06.
trade! traded Bandit20 for stopping's Sketch09.
trade! traded Oblige20 for voxune's Media20.
trade! traded Mac04 for isamunee's Correct01.
game! received Akuma02, Jaen15, Saiko06, & a bronze cert from Guess the Mangaka 49.
trade! traded Brave19, Pure03, & Traitor15 for replica's Left18, Sky04, & Whip12.
trade! traded Geko07 for heavensealed's Serve18.
game! received Rebel16, Sweep14, & Tall17 from Anime Trivia 89.
game! received Hime08, Japan01, & Titania03 from Anime Trivia 90.
game! received CEO07, Hospital13, & Sutra10 from Guess the Game 96.
game! received Key06, Sonic02, & Wiki07 from Guess the Game 97.
game! received Bring09, Dipan04, & Rank05 from Guess the Manga 90.
game! received Okama19 & Worry11 from Freebie 50.
game! received 00413 & Stunt19 from Freebie 51.
game! received Bandit20, Hanyou10, & Lethal09 from Guess Who 13.
trade! traded Cabbit12 & Confide05 for kikai7's Monster01/12.
game! received Martyr16, Nyan13, & Plum02 from Guess the Mangaka 48.
game! received Ira12 & Mac04 from Analogies 12.
game! received Coral09, Pup08, & Tall08 from Guess Who 12.
game! traded Nymph14 for Embryo14 at Card Pot.
trade! traded Tomboy01 for 00zags's Serve08.
game! received Camelot20, Confide05, & a bronze cert from Eye Spy 99.
trade! traded Dalu10 for saruzake's Serve02.
game! received Brave19, Heil09, & Think10 from Guess the Character 98.
news post! received 00919, Abyss10, Cryptic01, Crypton09, Dalu10, Empire05, Geko07, Imp01, Maps01, Media01, Oblige20, Relares01, Seiyuu05, Serve17, Shujin20, Sybak19, Tomboy01, Veda15, Vizard06, & Weave01.
anniversary! received Sky02.
birthday! received Angel12, Kami18, Sir07, & Sky03.
trade! traded Cryptic01, Imp01, Relares01, & Weave01 for lassos's Abyss20, Media11, Serve05, & Seiyuu17.
trade! traded Shujin20 for harumonia's Sky16.
trade! traded Veda16 & Vizard06 for chimyde's Sky05/09.
trade! traded Sybak19 for lilikoifish's Sky04.
trade! traded Empire05 for flipfloppies's Sky10.
trade! traded 00919 for chianna's Serve10.
game! received Otaku19 & Toushi12 from Analogies 11.
game! received Fist19, Italy05, & Pure03 from Guess Who 11.
trade! traded Sing06 for evilbo's Land03.
trade! traded Gitane19 & Orphan01 for sinnesspiel's Whip01/06.
game! received Convict08 & Ningyo02 from Staff 10.
game! received Deva11 & Plus06 from Analogies 10.
game! received Cabbit12, Imouto14, & Traitor15 from Guess Who 10.
trade! traded Earth19 for kasijjille's Sky07.
trade! traded Convict08, Haori12, Leafe10, & Viceroy07 for chikky2k5's Arco07, Orphan01, Monster20, & Saber09.
gift! gave Saber09 to lassos
trade! traded Ignite09 for chifred's Sky19.
game! received from Etoile18, Hood08, & Protect08 from Anime Trivia 86.
game! received Ignite09, Pact15, Selene11, & Sing06 from Seiyuu Guess 77.
trade! traded Tail10 for qwertysaur's Nymph14.
trade! traded Ball18 for accountingwitch's Sky17.
trade! traded Thug19 for qwertysaur's Left11.
gift! received Sky20 from lassos
trade! traded Tennis11 for lilikoifish's Left16.
confirmation! received Haori12.
game! received Clever08, Leafe10, & Tail10 from Guess Who 9.
joined! received Ball18, Earth19, Fast02, Gitane19, Manage10, Mizu11, Nymph07, Sky01/06/15, Tennis11, Thug19, & Viceroy07.
gift! received Sky13 from kikai7
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